Payroll Managment

We provide comprehensive solutions for payroll management, from data collection to monthly pay slips processing and payments proposal, including all compliance with tax and social security obligations, preparation of payroll accounting entries and year end declarations.

Our operating model is based on the local provision of payroll services, using specific local applications, which guarantee the correct fulfillment of any obligation in all jurisdictions.

We worry about people

  • Reception and processing of payroll incidences (registrations, deregistrations, absences, days off, holidays…)
  • Management of flexible pay, if applicable
  • Monthly calculation of “gross to net”
  • Preparation of a payroll summary, broken down by retribution concepts, type of ammounts…
  • Preparation of the transfers summary to be made to employees on behalf of their salaries.
  • Preparing and sending payslips, adapting to our clients needs. (integration with Employee Portal, etc.)
  • Payroll report preparation about monthly payroll results.
  • Information of the data to be included in the payroll accounting entries.
  • Management of payroll of expatriates
  • Carrying out of procedures related to Social Security contributions Processing registrations / deregistrations and changes of affiliation of the Local SS according to the documentation sent
  • Advising in the drafting and revision of severance and termination payments’ calculations, including seniority bonuses and labor liabilities, to get access to unemployment benefits.
  • Preparation and adaptation of labor contracts according to the different local regulations

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