Talent Management

People management is one of the most complex tasks in organizations. Our teams have developed their own skills and methodologies over the years. This implies high experience, reliability and confidence that make it one of the most valuable teams to contribute to the management of talent in your company.

Competences Analysis and Job Description

The analysis of competences helps us determine what skills and talents are necessary in our clients companies to implement their business strategies and achieve their results. We carry out a thorough and rigorous analysis of the company and description of their jobs.

Using our own competency analysis models, we define and advise our clients on the requirements of training, experience, personality and necessary motivation to successfully cover every job.

  • Company analysis
  • Role analysis
  • Job description
  • Job evaluation
  • Talent analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Personality Analysis

Team competences evaluation

In order to evaluate the talent our clients have, we carry out the evaluation of their teams competences that allow us to evaluate the level of person/position at an individual level or the working environment, at the group level.

This information is obtained from written documentation (Curriculum Vitae, personality Questionnaires, individual self-assessments) and in-depth interviews.

  • Evaluation of organizations
  • Person to job skill
  • Career plans
  • Talent management
  • Internal promotion
  • Capacity assessment
  • Internal evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Working environment
  • Potential evaluation
  • Performance evaluation

Development of competencies to achieve results

Through our Training Services, we develop the necessary professional skills to allow people to achieve their results. We carry it out, designing training and developing programs adapted to our client´s needs.

We provide training and development programs at an individual or group level, in our client´s premises.

  • Training for companies
  • Coaching for executives
  • Team coaching
  • Management skills development
  • Business skills development
  • Career plans
  • Internal training plans
  • Individual coaching
  • High performance teams development

Talent Research

When our clients need to obtain and incorporate talent in their organizations to implement their strategies and achieve results, we carry out the external team recruitment with the appropriate competences, both at national and international level.

Our partners provide years of conducting executive search, recruitment, selection processes and head hunting in all sectors and several types of profiles and hierarchies.

With our recruitment methods we will get the right people for each position within your organization.

  • Head Hunting
  • Executive Search
  • Talent search
  • Talent acquisition

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